Article 1 – the name

i. The name of this unincorporated organization is

Article 2 – the purpose

i. The purpose of is to produce men and women who ascend towards Christ.

Article 3 – the members

i. Members shall be of two classes; voting and non-voting.
a. All members may serve on committees.

ii. Voting Members must be born into or legally adopted into the direct line of an James Randall Lepore’s descent.
a. Article 4, Section one, b and f must be modified for James Randall Lepore and Ariel Jordan Lepore such that the first five terms as a Diplomatic Officer neither count toward the maximum term limit nor prohibit the holding of executive offices.

iii. Non-voting Members must be married to a Voting Member.
a. A Non-voting member may serve as a proxy for a Voting Member.

iv. The Patriarch and Matriarch are also both voting members.

Article 4 – the officers

i. Officers shall be of two classes; Diplomatic and Executive.
a. Diplomatic Officers are the Patriarch and Matriarch.
b. Members may serve as Diplomatic Officers a maximum of three 5-year terms.
c. The remaining Officers are Executive Officers.
d. Members may serve as Executive Officers a maximum of 7 3-year terms.
e. Members may hold multiple executive offices per term.
f. Executive Officers may become Diplomatic Officers but cannot hold the offices simultaneously.

ii. The Patriarch chairs the assembly and supervises all aspects of and must also be married to the Matriarch.

iii. The Matriarch supervises all aspects of the Patriarch.

iv. The Treasurer executes and records all financial actions of
a. In the event that the office of the treasurer becomes vacant the remaining officers must elect a temporary Treasurer.

v. The Secretary records and archives session minutes and conducts all correspondence of
a. In the event that the office of the secretary becomes vacant the remaining officers must elect a temporary Secretary.
b. In the event that the office of Patriarch becomes vacant the Secretary assumes all the responsibilities of the Patriarch.

vi. The Insurer performs catastrophic risk analysis.

vi. The Contractor manages projects.

viii. The MBA directs business operations.

ix. The CFP performs cash flow pure risk analysis.

x. The Schoolmaster provides opportunities for excellence and advancement to members who have not yet reached 23 years of age.

xi. The General trains members to live off the land.

Article 5 – the general assembly

i. The general assembly will meet once a year on October 20th.
a. The general assembly will open with the Nicene Creed and a blessing.

ii. Voting Members may vote on officer election, bylaw amendments, and membership revocation orders only.

ii. During the general assembly the special order of election of officers will take place.
a. Officer elections will be held if there is a temporary officer in place, a vacant position, or the end of a term.
b. Executive officer positions may be left vacant if there is no candidate running or may be filled by more than one person.

iii. Voting and Non-voting members may take the open floor at the general assembly meeting.

iv. Amendments to these bylaws require 2/3rds approval of the general assembly.

v. Revocation of membership requires 2/3rds approval of the general assembly and unanimity of Officers.

Article 6 – the officer sessions

i. The officers of come to order for for stated meetings on the first Tuesday of every month.
a. Stated meetings may be attended by all members.
b. Only Officers may take the floor at Officer Sessions.

ii. Officer Sessions will open with the Nicene Creed and a blessing followed by the following agenda.
a. Reading and Approval of Minutes
b. Reports of Officers and Standing Committees
c. Reports of Special Committees (if needed)
d. Special Orders
e. Unfinished Business and General Orders
f. New Business

iii. Officer Sessions will end with the Lord’s Prayer

Article 7 – the committees

i. Committees should meet monthly and be prepared to be represented on the floor at both the general assembly and officer sessions.
a. Committees must be chaired by an Officer.
b. Any member may join or leave any standing committee.
c. There is no limit to the number of members on a standing committee.
d. Special Committees may only be created during Officer Sessions.

ii. Standing Committees; Complete Family Wealth Committee, Community Development Committee, Business Development Committee, and General Assembly Committee.

iii. Complete Family Wealth – At least the Patriarch, Treasurer and Secretary; Study Complete Family Wealth.

iv. Community Development – At least the Matriarch, Schoolmaster, and General; Host events for the members.

v. Business Development – At least the Insurer, Contractor, MBA, & CFP; Identify new earned income opportunities.

vi. General Assembly – Staffed May-October by at least the Patriarch and the Treasurer; Plan, prepare, and host the General Assembly Meeting.

Article 8 – the parliamentary authority

i. The 12th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be’s parliamentary authority.